Bank IT Audit Security Risk Management Services with Joel Lanz, CPA, P.C.
Bank IT Audit Security and Risk Management Advice and Solutions

Losing Opportunities over Technology Threats?

It’s easy for banking and payments executives to lose sleep over the challenges and threats involved in keeping customer information secure or sustaining business operations. Often, the biggest difficulty is in finding someone you can trust who can tie together the disparate skills needed and speak all of the “languages” involved: audit and regulatory compliance, security and privacy, IT risk management and governance.

The good news is Joel Lanz speaks your languages – all of them. A former “Big 5 CPA firm” IT risk management partner, he is also an IT professional with fraud, regulatory, and security credentials. Plus, Joel has executive banking experience. He really does speak all of the languages you need to stop losing sleep over your IT security and compliance issues.

Since Joel is a CPA, you can trust him to understand the economics of your business and the financial implications of recommendations made. And as a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant's IT Executive Committee, you can rely on Joel to serve you using the most reputable methodologies and service delivery tools available.

Joel’s CPA practice provides IT audit, governance, security, and risk assessment services to companies in the banking and payment industries. Some of the challenges that Joel’s firm has helped its clients master include:

  • Preparing for an upcoming regulatory exam or bank IT audit.
  • Managing an information security program.
  • Completing IT security risk assessments.
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing.
  • Designing controls to reduce the occurrence and impact of fraud.
  • Complying with payment network rules including TG-3 PIN compliance reviews.

Find out more about how the practice can deliver value to your organization. Check out the IT Audit and Governance Services or Security and Privacy Services, read the bank IT audit and security case studies on the Experiences page, or visit the Resources page full of free articles, conference speeches, and course materials. For fun and some great industry networking, Joel even offers an optional client fantasy baseball league.

Your relationship matters a great deal. To find out more or to get started with our bank IT audit security services, contact Joel Lanz personally at 516-933-3662 or email him today.




Benefits of Engaging
Joel Lanz, CPA, P.C.

  • Over 25 years of bank IT security assessment risk management experience including Big 5 partnership and financial institution management experience

  • Professionally recognized and business-focused IT project approaches and methodologies

  • CPA-quality control standards and trustworthiness

  • Wide spectrum of bank IT security and audit experience

  • CITP, CISA, CISSP, CISM, and CFE certifications

  • Author, conference speaker and industry thought leader

  • Personalized and attentive service